It Takes Time

Last week I attended CRU’s Winter Conference in Indianapolis. While I was there I took some time to reflect and write about some of the things I had learned. The conference was transformational. We learned about tough topics for Christians. Topics like Race, LGBTQ+, Anxiety, and Depression. There was a lot of takeaways and I will share more of those a little bit later.


Today is the second day of that conference, or I should say will be. I am starting out my day in a coffee shop several blocks away from our hotel. Last night we had our first teaching session. We were taught about what it means to take up the posture of a student of Jesus. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus sat down and taught all who would listen. He taught with unprecedented authority and boldly proclaimed that he was the fulfillment of the prophesies.

It is too often that I find myself in church with the same posture I take with the classes I would rather not be in. I sit near the back, distracted, almost as to say at least I showed up. This is a very dangerous place to be in your faith. I would not want to be the one that stands before the throne of God and all I could say is “at least I showed up.” Don’t get me wrong, our God is a great God. He is loving and kind. He is forgiving and full of grace, but He is also a terrifying God. He demands respect. I try to keep this in mind as I go about the everyday. As I begin to take my walk with God more seriously I begin to see transformation in all areas of my life. When I wake up early to make time for God my day goes better. Life is just easier when walking in step with God.

This all begins when you take up the posture of a student. When I think of a great student I think of someone sitting at a desk intensely reading and taking notes. They wake up early to read and spend late nights reviewing notes. If this was how we treated our walk with God it would change everything. In the season of busyness surrounding Christmas I let myself slip. I found myself spending less and less time with God as the season progressed. When school got crazy I let things slip. I did exactly the wrong thing. The busier I get the more time I should be spending with God. That sounds backwards, but hear me out. What I have found to be true in my life is this. When I get busy and choose to spend more time with God everything goes much smoother. Not only am I still able to get everything done, I grow from the experience too. When I get up that hour earlier I end up being less tired. To me, an hour with Jesus is way more valuable than an hour of sleep.

As life gets busy I tend to ask myself what I can let go. What can I skip? Too often it is quiet time that I choose to skip, but as I have grown I have learned that it is the exact opposite. As I get busy I should ask this: How can I spend more time in the word today? It is my hope that today you would ask that question in your own life. How can I spend more time with God today? This may mean that you lose a little sleep. This may mean that you don’t have time for that episode of Netflix, but soon a time is coming were sleep will not matter. It won’t matter what shows you have watched. What will matter is your personal relationship with God. Don’t take the attitude of “I just showed up.”

Carolyn V


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