Take Back Your Week

I feel like I am at a strange place in a walk with God. It is not that I am feeling stagnant. I wouldn’t say that I am content. Life is crazy busy right now and I feel like my spiritual life has suffered. I don’t want to pretend to be perfect. I’ll be the first to explain that I am not even close. I would love to say that when life gets busy I just get up at 5 am so I can begin my day with 3 hours of time with God, but this is simply a lie. I am lucky to make it out of bed an hour before I have to be somewhere. I wish I would spend more time with God early in the morning. I wish I would read more. I wish. Even in this busyness I have still been able to find a little time for God, but I had to get creative. When life gets busy, we just have to be mindful that we don’t get lost in our day. Here are a few ways that you can retake your day and live a stronger life for Jesus.

It’s in the little things. When life is crazy. When my calendar looks impossible. When I am in the middle of a huge project, I turn to the little things. I turn to the small moments. When I have five minutes between class I claim that for God. That five minutes is a perfect opportunity to offer up a prayer. It is perfect to read a page of my devotional. It is perfect to offer up a tiny bit of worship to God. If you add up all of the 5 minutes that you have in your day they begin to amount to something. Even on the busiest day I seem to still have five minutes here and there to scroll social media. What if I traded those moments for an encounter with God. God craves a relationship with us. I don’t believe that He is calling us to a life of silent meditation. God wants to walk with us through the life we are living now. He wants to be with us in class. He wants to be present at dinner with your friends. He wants to be invited to the coffee shop where you are working on homework.

I read “The Screwtape Letters” a little while back and one of the largest things that stuck out to me is that the devil rarely tries to directly attack our faith. He is cunning. Rather than try to break our faith, he attacks our agenda. He makes us busy. He gives us lots to do in hopes that we will forget to spend time with God. The devil would rather we get busy and neglect our devotionals. He loves it when we are up late studying and are rushed in the morning. That means that there is no time for God, but I am fighting back. Even when life is busy. Even when I am up late studying. Even when I wake up late and have to rush off to class I am committed to the little moments. I am committed to worshiping while I walk around campus. I am committed to praying during my downtime. I am committed to offering up little praises for God’s goodness every day. Not only that, I am committed to blocking out time for God.

I will be completely honest. I suck at this. This is my goal for this week. Block off one hour. Maybe it is over the weekend. Maybe I have a little free time one evening, but rather than just relaxing I am giving this time up to God. I am challenging you to join me on this journey. Start with one hour. Put your phone down. Turn off your computer and open your heart to God. For the whole month of April, take one hour a week and give it up to God. Let Him work in you through that hour and share your experience on social media using #likenessblog. Together, lets take back our week!

Marvin Meyer
Rod Long
Carolyn V

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