A Servant’s Heart

This past weekend I attended CRU’s Worship Arts Weekend and Winter Conference Audition. I learned a lot while I was there and so I wanted to share a little bit of it. To give you a picture of what the weekend looked like, there were about 80 students from universities all over the Midwest. We began the weekend with worship from CRU’s worship arts team and a few seminars. The next day was auditions for Winter Conference where I auditioned for lead electric guitar. While that was a very fun process, I will not focus on that. After the audition was done, we had clinics where we talked about instrument-specific information as well as more technical information about making a worship team work. We ended the day with a few more group seminars. On Sunday, we had worship and a few more seminars to end the weekend.


The biggest thing that stuck with me from the weekend was a point made by Randall Pahl on Sunday. The main idea of his seminar was that We are waiters at a date between Jesus and His Bride. (Again, this weekend was for worship leaders and musicians, and, though this was most certainly aimed at us, I think this idea is good for everyone.) We all are called to serve in some capacity, and this can be seen in different ways. I serve on various worship teams and help with planning. My girlfriend volunteers with the children’s ministry at our church. Some of my friends bought coffee for a homeless man the other day. All of these are examples of being a servant. It is important that we take what we do with utmost importance because, whether we like it or not, people watch what we are doing as Christians.

We are waiters at a date between Jesus and His Bride.
-Randall Pahl

Let me unpack this idea of us being a waiter on a date between Jesus and His Bride. We all have been to a restaurant at some point. Likewise, we have all had good and bad experiences with waiters. Some waiters are constantly there. They make it hard to have a conversation with our company. Others are nonexistent. When you need them they are absent. When your water is empty they are nowhere to be found. Is this what our lives serving Christ looks like? Are we like a bad waiter or are we quietly doing exactly what is needed while making other’s lives better? Matthew 20:28 says:

Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Another topic that stuck out to me from the weekend was that of excellence. Perfection is very different from excellence. Perfection comes from a place of selfishness where excellence comes from a place of serving others. They are opposites. I know that when I am playing guitar for CRU or for my church I strive for excellence. My goal is that God’s glory may be put in a spotlight on stage. God is truly spectacular and I believe that it is my job as a worship leader to point people to His splendor. This extends beyond the worship team too. It should be our goal to show off God’s glory in our every action. God gave us his very best when He gave us Jesus. He gave us His own son. This is the example we should strive towards. My heart yearns towards excellence because I know how much God gave to me. He gave everything that I might have new life. I don’t know about you, but this makes me excited! God gave ME His very best. He didn’t hold back. He gave everything. Why then should I strive for anything less? Why should I accept mediocracy? Do any of my excuses measure up to what God did for me? No.


Because of God’s generosity. His endless kindness. His great sacrifice. That is why I will go the extra mile. That is why I will practice an extra hour. That is why I will get there extra early to make sure everything is set up. Serving looks different for everyone. What does it look like for you to strive for excellence in your service? Let me know in the comments!

Miguel Bruna
Wes Hicks
John Price

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